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Disused Barrow Sketch by sgtbuckwheat
Disused Barrow Sketch
Ever feel like Skyrim is a better Tomb Raiding game than Tomb Raider? I feel like that some times. Well Skyrim barrows was pretty much what was on my mind when I did this one.
The Wolf and the Imp by sgtbuckwheat
The Wolf and the Imp
I remember reading some things about the game Hordes by Privateer Press and thinking of Circle Orberos for some reason. Then I thought of a much more demonic Legion of Everblight shortly after. This is kind of the result. The wolf and the Imp, doing battle once more. The wild resists hell, not because the wild is good, but because it simply is wild (at least in this case).


United States
I'm a US Marine with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry who is on a journey to make myself into a better person. I love looking at art and I occasionally make some of my own. I'm quite odd. I sometimes come off as creepy, I don't intend it, I'm just very comfortable with what is commonly considered morbid. My morbid streak can be pretty strong sometimes, but it isn't intentional. I'm an older styled gentleman type, I have a rather strict code of conduct for myself (though I won't push it on anyone else). On a looks scale I'd say I'm about average, you're neither likely to be enamored with me nor repulsed by my appearance. I'm a pretty big geek, I like geek things. I love a good pencil and paper RPG, enjoy good horror or scifi movies, and generally get geek references. I have somewhat darker aesthetic tastes and I'm not ashamed of them. I'm also pretty shy, and terribly socially awkward.

I was a classically trained violinist throughout junior high and high school, and I love classical music. I also enjoy metal (favorite bands would be Opeth, Blind Guardian, Nightwish, Type O Negative, and Dream Theater) because I can often see the musical complexities of classical music in them. I like to read books, mostly anything will do. I have a wealth of useless knowledge in my head, I might spout off facts at random times (like a bardic knowledge skill, points for geek plug ins), and I love to learn new things. I'm very open and honest, I'm terrible at lying but only mediocre at acting. I practiced kendo for almost two years at Michigan State University and one of my friends (who is professionally a historical swordplay instructor) gave me some instruction into the German and Italian longsword traditions, in addition to my own readings and practice, so I have some interest in swordplay and martial combat.

My flaws are glaringly obvious to those who care to look. I suffer from constant feelings of inadequacy, either intrinsic to my being or brought on by my own poor choices. I'm also a bit of a music snob. I'm socially awkward and tend to come off as aloof or pretentious. It's not that I think I'm fundamentally better than others, it's that I'm just not very good at dealing with other people.

My good points are my honesty, my commitment to people, and my flexibility (both in terms of personality and physically). I'm a very forgiving person and I try to keep an open mind. I may disagree with you, but I'll respect your right to an opinion and, while I may try to persuade you of the validity of my point of view, I will rarely (if ever) force you to choose my way or no way at all.

Current Residence: California Desert, or anywhere the Marine Corps tells me to go
Favourite genre of music: Baroque, Classical, Gregorian Chant, or Metal
Favourite photographer: Oleg Volk
Operating System: Ubuntu (Linux FTW!)
MP3 player of choice: winamp
Wallpaper of choice: don't like the stuff, too hard to set up and remove. I just paint my walls
Personal Quote: Most people don't do the right thing because they care, they just do it so they don't get chewed out. If they cared they probably wouldn't be wrong in the first place.
I was distinguished graduate for my Corporal's Course class. I'm now done, and I can claim the title Corporal of Marines. Time to get back to my life and reorganize it, or at least pick up some of the good bits I left off when I went away.

I came across this and I thought it was cute both accurate and pretty entertaining.

Guderian: "Hey, we need a lot more tanks if we're ever going to go on an offensive in Russia"
Hitler: "Well, let's just split up the tank divisions, this way we'll have TWICE the number of tank divisions, with the stroke of a pen"
Guderian: "But then we'll have half the number of tanks per division, and double the need for supply lines and logistics"
Hitler: "Who's der Führer?"
Guderian: "you are..."

Von Rundstedt: "Hey, we can totally capture the entire british expeditionary force, and a large portion of the french army about to evacuate to Britain"
Hitler: "that's fine and dandy, but I promised my mate Göring some share of the glory, he will totally destroy them with a couple of dive bombers, trust me, he told me so in a drug fuelled stupor"

Albert Speer: "Hey, i've got this idea how to increase arms production tenfold"
Hitler: "Why don't you make some pretty propaganda lights instead? You're an architect after all, while I was a corporal in WW1, which makes me an expert on absolutely everything related to armed forces"
*three years later
Hitler: "Fine..."

Rommel: "Hey, we've got to beat the brits in Africa if we're ever going to win this. We need those oil fields, and we have them on the run."
Hitler: "No, i'm going to attack Russia soon, but take these fifty tanks, and hold Sirte"
Rommel: "I used those fifty tanks and took half of North Africa, but it's not enough, if we don't push the brits out, they'll regroup and throw us off the continent."
Hitler: "You disobey orders?"

Dönitz: "Hey, if we wait to wage war on Britain until we've got a sufficient submarine fleet, we can totally starve them out"
Hitler: "No, use these thirty subs, so the Brits will have time to learn our weaknesses, and so that we'll never inflict any real damage on their shipping."
Dönitz: "but,,,"
Hitler: "And I'm going to make Raeder your superior, even though he's a surface fleet commander, and the Kriegsmarine has almost no surface fleet compared to submarine fleet"

Some Ukrainian civillian: "Hey, thanks for liberating us from the Sovjet union, we'll totally follow Romania and Hungary's example and join the axis. You need all the manpower you can get.
Hitler: "only good slav, is a dead slav"

Paulus: "Hey, this Stalingrad thing is not looking too good, they're about to encircle us, but if we pull back, we'll save our entire army."
Hitler: "Nein!"
  • Listening to: Corelli Op 5 violin solos
  • Reading: Sourcery by Terry Pratchet
  • Playing: StarCraft 2
  • Drinking: coffee

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